• Step 1 of 6 - Intuitive Driver Profile
    Web based (no software required)

         ✔ Secure and safe (PIPEDA compliant)
         ✔ Single, "live" driver profile capturing all candidate information
         ✔ Manages all recruitment documents (one stop shopping)
         ✔ Smart and intuitive profile (less keystrokes and no duplicates)
         ✔ Fully customizable (flexibility to tailor profile to your needs)
         ✔ Configurable user hierarchy
  • Step 2 of 6 - Interview Management
    Managing from your first point of contact through until hired

         ✔ Online Application
         ✔ Pre-interview/interview/road test module
         ✔ Electronic management of: Driver application, Consent, ID, Employment verification, Education verification & Signatures
         ✔ Easily upload documents (resume, etc.)
         ✔ Track leads (how they found company)
         ✔ Available from tablet or iPad
         ✔ Fully customizable to suit your interview process
  • Step 3 of 6 - Driver Qualification
    The most comprehensive driver qualification suite available including:

         ✔ Premium Criminal Record Check (most accurate criminal record check available)
         ✔ Driver Abstracts/CVDR (automated and available across Canada*)
         ✔ Driver Safety Quotient™ personality risk assessment (assess and develop your driver pool)
         ✔ PSP (full US driver history)
         ✔ Employment Verifications (full LOE, quick and accurate verifications)
         ✔ Educational Verifications (upload certifications, all schools in Canada)
         ✔ Authentic source data reducing tampering and exposure

         *excludes AB
  • Step 4 of 6 - Driver Scorecard
    MEE electronically harvests all required data

         ✔ Enriches and standardizes the information into a single data silo
         ✔ Process the data through our rules engine and against your hiring criteria
         ✔ Develop an individual result for each product (i.e. pass/fail)
         ✔ Summarize the results in a single scorecard
         ✔ Provide direct access to all source documents for greater detail
  • Step 5 of 6 - Driver Requalification
    Requalify your driver with one click

         ✔ Results within 24 hours
         ✔ Configure your requalification rules
         ✔ Update profile automatically and attach most recent results and documents
         ✔ A la carte or packaged requalification products
         ✔ Email alerts and notifications of re-qualified driver's results
         ✔ Ability to schedule requalifications based on hire date or calendar
  • Step 6 of 6 - Valuable Analytics
    Full access to all driver data. Reporting capabilities measuring key metrics including:

         ✔ Company Data (region, division, location)
         ✔ Recruiter Performance (i.e. quantity and quality of hires)
         ✔ Hiring Metrics (i.e. from application to hiring)
         ✔ Driver Segmentation
         ✔ Marketing Effectiveness
         ✔ Training Opportunities
         ✔ Export data to other systems including HR, payroll, safety
         ✔ Single web portal to streamline the recruitment process and make eligibility easy
         ✔ Dramatically reduce hiring cycle
         ✔ Hire better quality drivers
         ✔ Fastest turnaround time in the industry
         ✔ Reduce your qualification costs
         ✔ Trusted information from the source
         ✔ Access to invaluable data and analytics
         ✔ Fully bilingual
         ✔ Supported by a team of customer service representatives